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All about Phoenix

The well-established Hohokam tribe were the first known settlers of the Phoenix area before the existence of any city in the eastern United States. In order to make the dry Salt River Valley inhabitable, the tribe constructed a system of irrigation canals reaching over 135 miles to moisture the land and make it productive for crops. 

Some of the canals that the Hohokam tribe initially built are still used today. The Hohokam vanished suddenly in 1450 A.D. Historians are not sure what caused the sudden disappearance of the tribe. It is assumed that a prolonged famine wiped them out.

Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912, and on that same day, Phoenix was named the capital. The Theodore Roosevelt Dam was constructed on the Salt River to supply water for irrigation and electrical power to the city. 

By 1920, Phoenix’s population doubled to 30,000. The economy during this time was cotton, citrus, and cattle, all made possible by the Theodore Roosevelt Dam.

Living and Working in Phoenix, Arizona

The population continued to grow, especially after WW2. Veterans posted at Phoenix military bases saw the city’s potential and returned with their families.

Technological advances changed the economy into an industrial city. Air conditioning finally became affordable for individual homes, making retirees flock to the city in droves.

Phoenix, AZ, today covers 520 square miles and has a diverse population of 1.5 million. It is currently the country’s 5th largest city. Phoenix’s population continues to grow as people decide to call this great city their home.

Union Hills Family Dental in Phoenix Arizona

Union Hills Family Dental Care and Orthodontics are proud to provide dental care to the residents of Phoenix. Its mission is to provide quality dentistry utilizing the latest techniques and modern material in a friendly and calm atmosphere. They want their patients always to have fun and enjoy their dental appointments. Make your appointment at Union Hills today!

Musical Instrument Museum and Union Hills Family Dental Care and Orthodontics

Only ten short miles from Union Hills Family Dental Care and Orthodontics is the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM). If you like music, instruments, history, culture, museums, and diversity, this is the place for you! MIM collects and preserves musical instruments and performances from all over the world and makes them accessible for you and your family.

Headsets are provided with the admission price that automatically plays the music to the screens as you move from exhibit to exhibit. Music is the language of the soul. MIM helps visitors understand the world’s diverse cultures and how we can learn and appreciate each other through music. 

The Musical Instrument Museum is clean and organized and has friendly and knowledgeable staff. Make sure to put plenty of time aside, as the average guest stays around four hours to fully enjoy all the galleries, exhibits, and the award-winning Café Allegro. 

MIM has been rated five stars repeatedly and should not be missed. This place is AWESOME!